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Canadian Online Pharmacy

One major problem faced by American citizens is access to affordable medication. Many senior citizens are juggling more than two drugs at any given time for a variety of conditions ranging from Osteoporosis to diabetes. These drugs are inherently expensive and can challenge any budget.

With the introduction of our Canadian pharmacy, our clients now have the opportunity to save between 20% and 70% on prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. Our Canadian pharmacy is creating such an impact now within American society that we have been featured in several prestigious media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NBC and ABC nightly news as well as in many local papers across America.

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Buy prescriptions drugs from a licensed Canadian pharmacy. Medicine can be ordered online from the comfort of your home.

The medication in Canada is more cost effective compared to American drugs for a number of reasons. The Canadian government regulates what pharmaceutical companies can charge. Canada is also a large supplier of lower cost generic drugs. And the major reason for lower drug costs in Canada is the favorable Canadian to American dollar exchange rate.

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