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Group Dental Insurance

Your oral health is just as important to your overall well being as any other aspect. Therefore, it’s important to be sure to get a good dental insurance plan. One of the most common ways to obtain it is through a group dental insurance plan. These plans are called “group” because they are typically offered by an employer, and the employer covers everyone working there. Usually this type of plan is less expensive than other methods because the employer pays a large part of the premiums. Additionally, with group dental insurance plans, the cost is slightly lower because employers are offered discounts for having more people sign up under the plan. These savings are then passed on to the insured, saving them a lot of money in the long run. Typically with a group dental insurance plan, you pay much less overall and reap terrific benefits.

A lot of the benefits you’ll receive will greatly depend on which group dental insurance plan your employer has chosen. Typically you are not given a choice in coverage when you’re offered this form of insurance. In other words, if you opt to receive dental insurance benefits under the group plan, the outlined coverage is usually “blanket”, and everyone receives the same benefits as far as percentage of procedures that are covered or the cost of cleanings. On the upside, the benefits of money saved with a group dental insurance plan are well worth it. Usually the costs are automatically deducted from your paycheck and are very small compared to dental insurance that might be purchased on your own. In addition, you should receive all pertinent information needed from a representative at work, and in many cases the employer has a rep. come in and talk to employees to help them answer any questions they may have. Opting to use your group dental insurance plan is a wise choice that can help you assure proper coverage at a significantly lower price.